Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: From Boardroom to Basecamp

Greetings, Adventurous Visitor!

If you’re reading this, it means you’re keen on our data collection tales as much as our alpine adventures. Let’s get into it without too much heavy lifting.

1. Who We Are

We’re chronicling our journey right here at It’s where corporate ties meet mountain highs!

2. What We Collect

  • Personal Data: Share a comment or message, and we’ll have your name and email.
  • Browsing Data: Cookies, IP addresses, and those tiny wizards that ensure you don’t get lost on our site.

3. Comments & The Gravatar Enigma

Leave a comment, and besides the words you share, we’ll also snag your IP and browser details to fend off the spam gremlins. Do you happen to have a Gravatar? We’ll check using a coded version of your email. (For the curious, Gravatar’s scroll of secrets is here).

4. Cookies, The Web’s Trail Mix

Comment on our site, and we might stash your name, email, and site in cookies so you don’t have to redo it next time. Log in, and you’ll find some cookies that keep you remembered for a fortnight. But venture elsewhere or close the browser; some vanish like morning mist.

5. Views From Other Peaks

We sometimes embed content (like that epic video or intriguing article) from other sites. They have their own trails, so if you interact with that content, it’s like you’ve briefly visited their campsite.

6. Sharing? Only When We Must!

Your data stays tied in with us like a trusted climbing rope. Exceptions? Essential stuff like when you forget a password. We sometimes get a digital sherpa (automated spam detection) to vet comments.

7. How Long We Keep The Goods

Drop a comment, and we hold onto it so we can recognise your voice next time without playing 20 Questions. If you set up a tent (create a profile) here, you can always see and tweak your info, barring a few things set in stone.

8. Stake Your Data Claim

Do you happen to have a comment or account here? You can ask for a digital care package of your data or even tell us to delete it. But a few essentials might stick around for legal basecamp chores.

9. Reach Out To Basecamp

Puzzles? Thoughts? Or tales from your own trail? Signal our way!

Venture on and explore responsibly!