MASSIV Day 10: Sulebu – Breistølen

This adventure is most certainly having a positive effect on my health. Had the best night’s sleep I can remember last night. Full score according to my Fenix watch. In addition I had the surprise pleasure of watching the Northern Lights from the cabin last night, which is a bit unusual in this location at this time of year.

Aurora Borealis at Sulebu

Today’s hike was surprisingly stunning. I believe I humbly owe Skarvheimen an apology as I had incorrectly labelled it as highlands more than mountains. Today’s section more than proved me wrong. If you’re ever in the Hemsedal area and are looking for a place to go, I humbly suggest using Breistølen as base and exploring the mountains towards Sulebu.

Suletinden 1780m

The just over 20km section was completed in a little over six hours including lunch. Total ascent was a mere 832m without any particularly steep hills, and 1129m descent with some steepness at the very end towards Breistølen. Kept an average moving speed of 4.3 km/h and set a new speed record today at 10.1 km/h across the plains.

As I approach the halfway point of MASSIV I’m happy to note that I still have no blisters, and that the intermittent discomfort in knees and hip is gone. I noticed I’ve got some pretty massive bruises on my hips where the backpack’s hip belt meets the hips though.

Had a lovely Real Field Meal lunch east of Masseringsnosi, right next to a beautiful stream. And Bamsemums for dessert, one of the “unnecessary” luxuries I’m allowing myself on this trip.

Weather was awesome entire hike. No rain, bright sun and another day in need of sunscreen. Medium to heavy winds entire day so no mosquitoes, but kept warm without overheating by regulating the air vents on trousers and jacket regularly.

The plains for 7-8 km after Masseringsnosi were like a hikers highway, allowing to make great distances in a really magnificent landscape. This is also the section so far that has been best marked. The cairns are well built, frequent and visible. Well done, DNT Skarvheimen!

At one point I got concerned my Osprey backpack had started squeaking. Every one or two steps it would make a squeaking sound, but I could not figure out from whence it came. When it suddenly squeaked when I was standing completely still I found the culprit. A cute little bird had been following me on foot for a while, hopping merrily along as it squeaked on its way. Must’ve been a bit shy as it flew off when I reached for my camera.

Arrived at Breistølen just after three o’clock, and found out I’m the only guest in the entire place. I really like the place. Huge fireplace in a cozy living room, lots of history on the walls and the best wild trout I have ever had in my life, fresh from the lakes I just had passed on my hike. To top it off the hosts are warm, charming and carry a great conversation. I simply cannot recommend this place enough!

Today’s statistics

  • Total distance hiked: 20.58km
  • Total time: 6:17 hrs
  • Total ascent: 832m
  • Total descent: 1129m
  • Max elevation: 1511m
  • Today’s favourite item: Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar, which charged more battery than it used during today’s sunny hike
  • Today’s crap moment: None
  • Toughest section: A bit rocky first 5km and I’m tired of balancing on boulders by now.
  • Today’s word of wisdom: Put on your blister gel plasters before you get blisters. They work a lot better preventative than after the fact. I find one heel plaster lasts roughly two days.
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Gunnar Florus Mountaineer