MASSIV Day 0: One day to go

Final wax and impregnation

One day to go. Backpack came in at 7.6kg which is not too bad for a 21 day hike. That only includes two days of food though as I’ll regularly be stocking up from mountain cabins along the way.

Two cache packages have also been sent to Finse and Breistølen, containing extra food, snacks and shampoo as well as additional blister aid.

Not looking forward to saying goodbye to my girls, but otherwise excited to get going.

Also reminding myself that I currently have no realistic expectation of finishing all 350km in one go. Will take one day at the time and see how the body responds.

First two days will be telling as it’s 1200 meters ascend over the 24km hike between the first and second cabin.

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Gunnar Florus Mountaineer