MASSIV Day 1: Sota Sæter

Finally on my way. Brother-in-law, nephew and father-in-law kindly joined me for the first kilometres from Jostedal towards Sota Sæter.

The weather did not offer the best start as the fog was so dense we could barely see from one cairn to the next. Thankfully Garmin came to the rescue as my watch vibrated every time we ventured off the pre-programmed path.

The feeling of excitement bordering euphoria of getting started is impossible to describe. Below 1200 meters and beneath the fog/clouds the landscape was as expected, spectacular.

Love your feet

The biggest concerns so far are the feet, knees and hips. Bringing an extra pair of ultralight hiking shoes in addition to my hiking boots was a good decision. Even on day one it was blissful to get out of the sheep crap covered boots and step into a soft pair of shoes.

Apart from the fog, the day has been everything I hoped for. Looking forward to an early night and early start tomorrow.

Today’s Statistics

  • Total distance hiked: 17.11km
  • Total time: 6 hrs, half of which spend trying to find the way in the fog 😱
  • Total ascent: 340m
  • Total descent: 794m
  • Max elevation: 1368m
  • Today’s favourite item: My Fenix 7X which helped me keep on track in the fog and later charged itself in the sun.
  • Today’s crap moment: None so far. Day is still young though…
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Gunnar Florus Mountaineer