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MASSIV: The Statistics

Hiking through four mountain regions, more than 400 kilometres over a total of 21 days, can generate a ton of data.

In my case, most of the data were collected by my Garmin Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar watch, temperature data was collected with a connected Garmin Tempe, and satellite breadcrumbs were collected with my Garmin inReach Mini safety device. More on the inReach tracking here.

One of the things I was curious about while planning this expedition was what kind of data and statistics I could collect and whether or not they would be of any practical use. The answers are probably that you can collect a vast amount of data, but the usefulness of at least some of them is limited.

Longest, Furthest, Hardest

Data Point

Section Data
Longest section (km) Iungsdalshytta – Kongshelleren – Geiterygghytta 29.54km
Shortest section (km) Ekrehytta – Skogadalsbøen 11.54km
Shortest time (hh:mm) Breistølen – Bjordalsbu 4:11
Longest time (hh:mm) Nørdstedalseter – Sognefjellshytta 10:24
Steepest ascent (m) Nørdstedalseter – Sognefjellshytta 1838m
Gentlest ascent (m) Ekrehytta – Skogadalsbøen 381m
Steepest descent (m) Sota Sæter – Nørdstedalseter 1 497m
Max altitude Fannaråken 2 068m
Min temperature Finse 4 °C
Most daily steps Iungsdalshytta – Kongshelleren – Geiterygghytta 51 512
Least daily steps Ekrehytta – Skogadalsbøen 19 173
Total distance hiked < Entire Expedition > 401.86km
Total time hiked (moving) < Entire Expedition > 93 hrs
Total time hiked (total) < Entire Expedition > 125 hrs
Total number of steps < Entire Expedition > 543 072
Total ascent < Entire Expedition > 15 941m
Note: The data do not represent the rest days at Skogadalsbøen and Geiterygghytta

Graphical representations

No statistics section would be complete without some graphs:


In the highly unlikely event that anyone would care to see more data, may I recommend just reaching out through my Facebook page, and I’d probably be happy to share. The Excel spreadsheet with all the imported Garmin data is surprisingly comprehensive.